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I have been working on creating a new website with attention to the quality of the pictures first and foremost.  Please check it out at lynnzettlemoyer.com  My new commitment this year for 2016 is working in polymer and fine silver clay.  Hopefully a creative new Year….

I have many more items to put up but this is the start –  Thanks for visiting!!!!  Lynn

Metal Clay – What Is It Anyway?

Well, Metal Clay is a clay-like medium consisting of tiny particles of either fine silver, bronze, copper, or steel, along with water. The silver clay, (which at this point I use most often  is .999 silver meaning that it does not have any copper in it like sterling silver). You can sculpt , mold, sand, carve and after it is sanded and refined as to what you want it to become, it is fired in a kiln to around 1400 degrees and there you have it- solid fine silver. Copper, bronze or steel are fired in coconut carbon and can be a little more complicated in its firing schedule.  We receive the silver in gram bags from Japan.  The Japanese people make it out of cast off silver, old film strips etc.

In Connecticut we have the ‘METAL CLAY ARTISAN GUILD OF CONNECTICUT” which is a very active guild. The guild web page is: www.metalclayguild.org.  We welcome clay enthusiasts, and encourage you to check us out if you are interested in this wonderful field of art.

I have been published in the Metal Clay Artisan Magazine in the Gallery for my sunflower called “Showoff”.